Change List


Changes in 3.5.8:

  1. Removed timeout for non-purchase.
Changes in 3.5.7:

  1. Moved non-purchased timeout out until next year.

Changes in 3.5.5 / 3.5.6:

  1. Completely new installer using Microsoft's open source WiX project.
  2. Cleaner use of the Esellerate Engine.
  3. Moved non-purchased timeout out until mid next year.

Changes in 3.5.4:

  1. Moved non-purchased timeout up another six months
  2. The following plugins were added to the installer (previously released)
    • Battlefield 2
    • Half-Life 2
  3. The following plugins were updated
    • Call of Duty
    • Counter Strike
    • Counter Strike - SOURCE
    • Doom 3
    • Elite Force
    • Elite Force 2
    • Half-Life
    • Jedi Academy
    • Jedi Knight 2
    • Kingpin
    • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 1.10+
    • Return to Castle Wolfentein
    • Quakewortld
    • Quake 2
    • Quake 3
    • Soldier of Fortune
    • Soldier of Fortune 2

Changes in 3.5.3:

  1. Moved non-purchased timeout up another six months
  2. Added previously released plugins to installer

Changes in 3.5.2:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Random crash involving buddies search
  2. Web template processing not running/crashing
  3. Delete server can crash
  4. Sound not always playing
  5. RCON dialog not displaying response immediately

Changes in 3.5.1:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue with the tool tray and loading servers set to monitor mode.
  2. Fixed a crash bug on load in Win98/ME

Changes in 3.5:


  1. Improved Startup Times
  2. Plugins can now create any number of data tables

New Join System:

  1. Plugins can define nearly any type of parameter for the server connection
  2. Most plugins now support at least the following parameters:
    • Password
    • User Name
  3. Branned new proprties based GUI
  4. <address> tag is still supported, but no longer necessary

Web Output:

  1. No longer requires a local temporary storage location
  2. Completely new template parser using BOOST::SPIRIT as the engine
  3. Fixed some rare FTP connection issues
  4. Added the ability to turn on FTP debug output to more easily understand FTP problems.
  5. Updated FTP library (CURL 7.11.1)
  6. Largely revamped GUI improves usability
  7. Fixed CSS issue with Safari and the standard output


  1. Supports authentication sending email
  2. Supports SASL types:
    • LOGIN
    • PLAIN


  1. Fixed many plugin issues especially in the following)
    • Soldier of Fortune
    • Battlefield 1942
    • Serious Sam 2
    • Halo
    • Neverwinter Nights
  2. Plugins are now identified by .swplugin and .swpluginex
  3. Existing plugins added to installer
    • America's Army 2
    • Battlefield Vietnam
    • Doom 3
    • Far Cry
    • UT 2004

Plugin API:

  1. Complete documentation for the API in preperation for public release.
  2. Massive modernization of C++ API
    • Redesigned most interfaces
    • Migrated interfaces to true virtual interfaces for better forward compatability
  3. New Join API
  4. New Action API
  5. Developed Plugin Extenders
  6. Can now create any number of data tables

Changes in 3.4.3a:

  1. Increased free usage timeout to September 1, 2004

Changes in 3.4.3:

Major Bug Fix:

  1. Was allowing payed versions to timeout.

Plugins Added to Installer

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  3. Halo
  4. Unreal 2

Changes in 3.4.2:

New Plugins

  1. Elite Force 2

Plugin Added to Installer

  1. Raven Shield

Email Alerts

  1. Can now set the number of timeouts to receive before email is sent.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the password problem that exists with Win98 and WinME
  2. Fixed minor issues parsing rules in Quake2 based plugins

Changes in 3.4.1:

Plugin Added to Installer

  1. Vietcong

Installer Update

  1. Updated to InstallerVISE 3.6 to solve purchase/revalidation problems in Win98 and WinME

Web Generation (ftp upload)

  1. Replaced Microcoft's WinINet with libcURL to make ftp upload more reliable.

Fixed the following issues

  1. A rare glitch in the string encode/decode process was fixed. Users may need to reenter their password once after upgrading.
  2. Priority support combobox extends lower than it used to so that more than one topic appears.
  3. Auto-update dialog displays correct settings when auto-update is turned off by the pup-up update dialog.
  4. Included eSellerate fixes that solve problems with purchasing and revalidating when using Windows 98 or ME.

Changes in 3.4:

New Purchase Only Features

  1. Priority support within Server Watch
  2. Silent software update checking
  3. 250 servers can be monitored simultaneously

Major Backend Improvement

  1. Complete Unicode support
  2. Works correctly with double byte language versions of Windows Japanese, etc...
  3. Built on VisualStudio 7
  4. Large cleanup to back-end systems to support future enhancements

Plugin Changes

    All preexisting plugins have gone through major updates for unicode and other Server Watch changes.


    1. Neverwinter Nights
    2. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
    3. Command & Conquer: Renegade
    4. Ghost Recon

    Added to Installer:

    1. Battlefield 1942
    2. Unreal Tournament 2003
    3. America's Army
    4. TacticalOps
    5. all plugins updated since Server Watch 3 GP3.3

    America's Army

    1. Supports version 1.3, 1.4, and later correctly

    Unreal Tournament

    1. New NGSecret data column

    Battlefield 1942

    1. Join fixed
    2. Uses numplayer rule instead of player list to decide the number of players since the player list returned by the server is untrustworthy.

    Gamespy Based Plugins (Unreal Tournament, America's Army, etc)

    1. No longer reports "Timeout" when information from the server is missing. Instead reports that data is missing and the server is marked as up.
    2. If only part of a player was reported due to packet loss, we now detect this and reports it as missing data.


    1. Better handling of users adding "rcon" as part of the command


  1. Supports the windows theme's introduced in WinXP
  2. Plugin Combobox will display full names on drop-down in status pane

Web Generation

  1. FTP Upload has improved error messages
  2. FTP Upload should have far fewer errors


  1. Upgraded to eSellerate 3.0
  2. Added drop down button for purchase
    - Easy access to revalidation
    - Easy access to revalidation for GP3.2 purchasers

Bug Fixes

  1. Column headers in players and rules will be much less likely to default their widths to 50
  2. Fixed an issue that could cause an extra character to be added to stored passwords
  3. Removed a loophole in tables that could cause old data to redisplay under extremely rare circumstances

Changes in 3 GP 3.3:

Purchase Features

  1. If you have purchased Server Watch, the web page output no longer requires that you insert the "created by Server Watch" information. If you don't want it to show up, remove the tag from your template and Server Watch won't add it in at the end.

New/Updated Plugins added to install

  1. Global Operations
  2. POP3 - Email Watcher
  3. Quake 3
  4. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  5. Star Trek: Elite Force
  6. Soldier of Fortune 2
  7. Jedi Knight 2

Pre-release Timeout

  1. Moved the timeout for non-purchased versions back a couple of months.

Changes in 3 GP 3.2:


  1. Server Watch can now be purchased. Please see for more information.

Check for Update

  1. If using a purchased version, you can check for updates of Server Watch.

New Plugins

  1. Alien v Predator 2
  2. Baldur's Gate 2
  3. Counter Strike
  4. Deus Ex
  5. Jedi Knight 2
  6. Medal of Honor 1.10+
  7. No One Lives Forever
  8. Rogue Spear
  9. Rogue Spear: Urban Operations
  10. Serious Sam 2
  11. Soldier of Fortune 2
  12. Star Trek: Elite Force
  13. Tribes 2


  1. Server can be exported in simple or full modes
  2. Import handles both exprt types

Crash Fix

  1. Bug in loading server order could cause Server Watch to crash at startup if the order information was invalid.


  1. Purchased versions cannot timeout
  2. Extended through August
  3. Now gives self diagnostic information so users can tell what the timeout day was and what the day reported by the computer is. This should help to stop people from emailing us when their computers have incorrect dates set.


  1. RCON Password is once again hidden

Serious Sam

  1. Fixed Join
  2. Fixed rare issue that could cause false reporting

Player Actions

  1. Kicking players works better now that the name is surrounded in quotations


  1. If you set an email message to be sent when the server goes down, it will also send you one when it comes back up
  2. Potential problem with <cr><lf> fixed


  1. Doesn't automaticall install default startup anymore


  1. Other minor bug fixes

Changes in 3 GP 3.1:

Serious Advertising Bug

  1. There was a bug that could make Server Watch throw advertising errors during game play. This is gone. We are sorry about the inconveniences this caused (it was unintentional).

New Plugins

  1. Medal of Honor
  2. Quake
  3. Tribes

Timeout Date

  1. This version extends the timeout date. You can use this version through the end of May.


  1. Massive overhaul of how table data is stored, manipulated, and displayed. Incredible improvement in speed and CPU usage for these tasks.


  1. HLDS now frontloads the player name with the its position # the packet causing us to display boxes (amongst other things). We remove these extra caharacters if they are there.
  2. The retrieve of correctly formed Rules information is no longer required for a successful retrieval of server information.
  3. Timeouts modified to reduce timeout problems on slow connections


  1. Renamed "Buffer" to "Number of Console Lines Displayed" to reduce confusion
  2. Modifed the timeout between recieved packets to improve how much data is retrived from Quake 3 and Wolfenstein servers.
  3. RCON fonts are no longer very small on foreign versions of Windows.

Plugin Handler

  1. No longer enter bogus plugins into the plugin list as a blanks.
  2. Now select no plugins for a server based on the position of '<none>' instead of just selecting the first plugin and assuming it was '<none>'.

Changes Since 3 GP 3:

User Interface

  1. The servers in the server list can be drag and drop reordered.
  2. New dialog of link, information, and dedication in the settings tab.
  3. Added a number of wait cursors to make it obvious that something was happening in areas where some plugins were taking a while processing the action and thus making it look like SW hung.
  4. Added context menu to aux (map) stat to be defined in plugins (currently unused by any plugins)
  5. Added context menu to users (players) stat to be defined by plugins
  6. If you remove an icon plugin that was being Server Watch once again handles it gracefully
  7. Users can no longer select Update from the tray menu on a server without a plugin (stops crash)
  8. The display icon if less than checkbox is retrieved correctly
  9. Can now select auto-minimize when you join a server from Server Watch (stops ad traffic while on server).


  1. Email sending code is a much nicer against SMTP servers that do weird things with mail headers.

Web Parser

  1. Now supports .asp files
  2. Cleaned up a massive handle leak
  3. If you display web pages using Server Watch I would suggest trying to use this beta
  4. Now validates that the cache and template directories are not the same
  5. Modified the default web template files to use better CSS including cell padding

General Plugin

  1. All RCON implementations use the one pane admin window
  2. All RCON implementations now have the 10 item history list of sent commands that can be accessed by either using the up and down arrow keys from within the edit control or selecting the drop list to the left of the control.
  3. RCON buffer length setting now works correctly
  4. RCON display now *MUCH* faster with large buffer lengths
  5. All RCON network code has been dramatically rewritten to improve compatibility with certain recent releases
  6. Massive code reorganization for plugins so that code is shared instead of copied from place to place
  7. All plugins that support RCON also support kicking players by right-clicking their names in the player list.
  8. Removed ID from plugins where we can't guarantee accuracy

Unreal Tournament & Rune

  1. You can now easily access the web admin from the "admin" pane

Unreal Tournament (and derrived plugins)

  1. Now shows the number of players out of the max number possible in the tray tool-tip like the other plugins do


  1. Right-click on players list to kick a player
  2. Network code revision
  3. Fixes potential problems with using IPs in some places and Domain Names in others.
  4. Dramatic revision of RCON network code. Now handles the strange idiosyncrasies of RCON much better so that making information calls will retrieve much more data and parse it much better. This includes the ability to display complete cvarlists and map lists.

Quake 3 (& Wolfenstein)

  1. Added Wolfenstein plugin
  2. RCON now handles the changes ID made in 1.29f. These changes will mean that data we receive from the server is likely to be incomplete and out of order, but that is how ID has changed the protocol and we display everything we can.

POP3 - Email Watcher

  1. Dramatically improved the network code to work better with more servers.
  2. Fixed bugs that could display disconnects when there hadn't been one.


  1. Advertising improvements to reduce bandwidth usage and stop updating when when playing games joined from Server Watch (with minimize on join selected)

Misc. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem with the password encoding algorithm that could truncate the password.

Icon Maker

  1. Fixed handle leak

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